Welcome to the premiere issue of the new and updated newsletter for the Los Angeles County Libertarian Party! We plan to use this tool to keep you aware of developments in the Libertarian Party nationally and in California, and specifically in Los Angeles County. We’ll try to keep a calendar for you of the upcoming quarter, which will include regional meetings as well as local and community events.

As we start out with a fresh new year, it seems we Los Angeles-area Libertarians can go in one of two directions.  We can whine about how California has “Top-Two”, making sure we can never get anyone elected, or we can work extra-hard to get the Libertarian name out there.  What can we do if we make the latter choice? Well, some suggestions:  we can write letters to editors and spend time on social media, using every opportunity we can to insert the name “Libertarian”, and explain how our world would do things differently. You can involve yourself in conversations with co-workers and mention that you’ll be attending a Libertarian function over the weekend, or share that someone interesting spoke at the Libertarian meeting that you went to recently. Hopefully, you’ve found something that works for you.  Above all else, make sure you’re modelling Libertarian behavior. Don’t forget the Non-Aggression Principle, and do your best not to meddle in others’ affairs.  You know that you’re different, and everyone around you does, too.  Make sure that the different means BETTER!
There are some positive things happening in the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County.  We’ll try to have this newsletter out at least every other month.  The month of January had a couple liberty-themed events, including Jordan Page coming out here to sing about freedom, and then the last day of the month, there was the Sixth Annual Southern California Libertarian Regional Conference.  Nicholas Sarwark, the new chairman of the national Libertarian Party, spoke to us, and his speech is posted below.  Mr. Sarwark is smart and energetic, and is also willing to speak out about current issues in the news.
Also, the convention for 2015 has been announced:  It will be at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on May 31.  You’ll find details below. Perhaps some of you reading this newsletter will be running for a spot, which will include Chairman, Northern Vice-Chair, Southern Vice-Chair, secretary, treasurer, and several At-Large positions. 
As the chairperson of the Pasadena-Glendale region, I’m hoping to add some new activities to our group, including choosing a local cause and/or charity that we can help with.
I urge all of you all to find your niche in the LP, meaning something you can do best, and continue our quest to bring liberty to all!