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There was quite a response to my request for opinions regarding whether vaccines should be mandatory. I was a little surprised that the opinion from almost everyone I heard from was that vaccines were tremendously important, that every child should get them, but that getting the government involved to make them mandatory wasn’t a good idea. The majority of the people I heard from were Libertarian, or libertarians (the difference being that those who are members of the Libertarian party are designated with a capital “L”; those with a small “l” identify with the philosophy, but are not necessarily members of the party). There actually wasn’t much difference in the responses based on party affiliation, but, of course, there was variation among the various personalities.

There has already been a good discussion on my prior article asking for opinions. See this link for that article with comments .

Here are some examples of the pro-vaccine folks:

Bradford Lyttle of the US Pacifist Party

While the United States Pacifist Party (USPP) has not taken an official stand on vaccination, I, as the founder of the party, and its presidential candidate in several elections, do have a position. I believe that vaccination should be mandatory in all cases where the overwhelming preponderance of scientific evidence indicates that they are effective in preventing a disease, and there is little or no evidence that they have adverse side effects. If vaccinations of this kind are not made mandatory, then there is a much greater likelihood that some children will not be vaccinated, may contract the disease, and thereby become carriers that may infect others.–Sincerely, Bradford Lyttle

Roger Tucker –Independent American Party

I believe that the science behind the good value of vaccine use is true. However, I do not trust the people who manufacture the vaccines for the bad ingredients that they cause or can cause to be included in the vaccines. These people have no desire to make everyone live healthier and longer. They want to reduce the population, not increase it. They want to make money off of sick people. The logic that these people use is void of any belief in our Lord and Savior, who is Jesus Christ.

If you use my statement, please quote all of it.

I am an Independent American

Roger Tucker

Mary Ruwart-Libertarian

Should Vaccines Be Mandatory?

With the new surge of measles cases, many people are calling for mandatory (forced) vaccination. At first glance, their arguments seem reasonable. Measles can kill and the vaccine is reportedly about 95% effective. Side effects are claimed to be minimal, although serious outcomes are reported on pp. 6-8 of the package insert that comes with the vaccine, including measles itself.

Even if the vaccine had zero side effects and 100% effectiveness, forcing it upon children would start us down the slippery slope of allowing bureaucrats and politicians to decide what medications we MUST ingest or be injected with. Today’s pharmaceuticals have the power to alter our thinking, libido, and even our desire to live. Some schools already diagnose boisterous children, bored with the one-size-fits-all curriculum, as having some type of disorder, and demand that they be given medications that have serious side effects.
Ultimately, each of us must weigh the risks and benefits of what we eat and how we medicate. Choose wisely, and good health to you and yours!


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