“La Newsrag” is a publication supported by members of the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, and open to support from anybody who shares our values of human liberty and justice through exercise of non-aggression.  We report on happenings in L.A. and beyond from a different perspective.  We view the world in the lens of certain self-evident truths:  That all persons, large and small, weak and powerful, are equal in moral significance and in the possession of their natural rights, which rights include life and liberty.  That freedom cannot exist without personal responsibility, and community cannot exist without equal protection of the natural rights of each of its members. That no property right is more sacred than the inviolable right of self ownership.  That no agent of government can rightfully exercise powers greater than any and each of its citizens individually.

Our Chief Editor is Jill Stone Pyeatt, stone@altrionet.com.

Our Webmaster is Jonathan Jaech, jonathan@jaech.net, pen name Jonny Stryder.

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