From Allen Pyeatt:

Those of you who have been to a recent Region 63 meeting know that LPLAC is working on a strategic plan, which we call the LPLAC Game Plan. As we proceed, we are starting from our Mission Statement and working through a process that will result in specific actions and tangible measurements of progress. At this point, we are working to clarify our vision of success and develop criteria to evaluate our efforts.

After taking comments and compiling a list of bullet points, here is the draft Vision Statement for the LPLAC Game Plan for your review and comment:

“In the Libertarian Party’s vision of success, the debate on public issues encompasses free discussion of a wide variety of views, but the public consensus favors minimizing government functions in favor of individual freedom. Libertarian Party candidates are routinely included in debates, and all political parties compete equally with respect to campaign rules and media coverage. Libertarian Party candidates run to win office, and usually do win. They have clear, principled, platforms that include solution-oriented positions.

“In the Libertarian future, most public opinion leaders advocate freedom-oriented policies. Libertarian Party officials are featured in news commentary and the party maintains a strong public relations presence, presenting libertarian solutions to current issues. The Libertarian Party and its members are seen as valuable members of the community, actively engaged in solving public problems.

“Wars of aggression have ended and peace is once again the norm. Private property is protected, public plunder has stopped, and government is minimized. Victimless crimes are relics of the past. Law enforcement personnel and other government employees are held to the same standards of accountability as individual citizens. Every amendment in the Bill of Rights is in effect throughout the entire country, and the economy (including the health and education sectors) has been de-socialized.”

Please comment below, or go to the LPLAC Game Plan page for more discussion.