Pricing for the 2016 LPC Annual Convention was set by the LPC Executive Committee last weekend.  The convention will be held at the Los Angeles LAX Hilton, and discounted room reservations are available here.

To attend the convention itself, various packages are available.  To attend as a delegate eligible to vote, one must be a member of the LPC at least 90 days before the convention date, and pay the $25 delegate fee.  For non-delegate access to the convention floor and breakout rooms (including attendance but not food at meal speaking events), the fee  is $99.  Delegates will have access to convention floor speakers, but not to speakers in breakout rooms or at meal events.  Combination meal, speaker, and delegate fee packages start at $225, but early bird discounts are available until February 10, which will bring the cost down 10% on the packages.  “A la carte” purchase of meal event tickets will be offered at convention time only.

Unfortunately, the LPC’s website has not yet posted links to enable online purchases.  At the moment, the only way to purchase the early bird packages is to send in a check by mail.  Use of the attached form is suggested, if you will be sending in a check.

This should be one of the better attended and more interesting LPC conventions in a long time.  Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Steve Kerbel and numerous other people seeking the national LP nomination for President of the U.S. are expected to attend.  There will be main debates, side debates, panel discussions, and break-out speakers.  Vermin Supreme, Dr. Mary Ruwart, and many other well-known activists and speakers have been invited but not yet confirmed.  The convention committee is working hard to put together a speaking line-up such as the LPC has not seen in quite a while.  And there will be usual late-night parties; the parties alone are worth the cost of a room reservation.  Oh yes, the business meetings that influence the future direction of the LPC will go on as usual, but there will be plenty of other things to do, as well.  This is a convention not to miss.  I’m sending in my check right away!