DaynaMartin with Dolphin

In a recently published interview with Peaceful Anarchism on the Voluntary Virtues Network, long-time advocate for unschooling and natural childbirth, Dayna Martin, provided insight into the philosophy and history of home schooling and natural childbirth.  As summarized by Peaceful Anarchist:

“Please enjoy my recent interview with Dayna Martin. Herein we discussed how she became an Anarchist, attachment parenting, self-soothing/narcissistic parenting, fear-based culture, my child + me new lifestyle, love addiction myth, radical unschooling, family judgments, quenching natural curiosity is the best education, homeschooling vs. unschooling, compartmentalizing life, trusting one’s children, teaching through love vs. force, peaceful parenting, broken window fallacy applied to parenting, without chores kids will never learn how to clean, sub contract out parenting, did you enjoy your government school experience, authoritarian parenting and government schooling prepares children for State worship, Sexy Birth, unassisted birth, radical kindness, water birth, the sphincter law, The Business of Being Born, trust in relationships, pioneers of the unpopular and much more!”

At the conclusion of the interview, Dayna provided two bits of advice for parents.  First, she said:

“Don’t focus on your child’s behavior, like our culture does, don’t try to control or manipulate it.  Focus on the needs under the behavior.  Just that one change in parenting, that these are people, human beings with needs, that will change everything.”

Dayna then added:

“Assume positive intent.  Assume positive intent from the people in your life, and it will completely change your reality.  Assume positive intent from your kids, and from everyone you love.”

The entire interview may be found here.

Photo of swimming with dolphins is taken from Dayna Martin’s Facebook page.