Vermin Supreme Meets With California Libertarians, Discusses Presidential Bid

Might Mr. Supreme appear on the 2016 primary ballot as a Libertarian competitor to the nominee of the National Libertarian Party?  Whether the thought makes you grin, grimace or shrug, Vermin was on hand to greet local Libertarian supporters and help raise…
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EFF Reports Beating Back CDJ Data Sharing Plan

Yesterday, the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) reported that the California Department of Justice (CDJ) has canceled its meetings with law enforcement throughout California for development of a facial recognition system based on the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) photo database.  The report…
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Dayna Martin Advocates Unschooling and Natural Childbirth

In a recently published interview with Peaceful Anarchism on the Voluntary Virtues Network, long-time advocate for unschooling and natural childbirth, Dayna Martin, provided insight into the philosophy and history of home schooling and natural childbirth.  As summarized by Peaceful Anarchist: "Please enjoy…
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